Embroidered Badges

An embroidered badge is produced by a stitching process onto a base cloth; it produces a textured and raised design effect. From the Parking Officer who just gave you a ticket, to your kid's footy team, embroidered badges continue to be an integral part of uniforms and team wear throughout Australia.


MRBADGES.COM makes it easy for you to set up and order embroidered badges using virtually any artwork. Our wholesale prices leave plenty of room for you to add margin and we have a minimum order quantity of only 25 units. Our INSTANT QUOTE functionality enables you to place and track orders online any time. Of course, if you have any questions or simply prefer the human touch you can contact our customer service team during work hours on 1300 755 659 (Mon-Fr 9-5:30 AEST).

When an order is placed we give you complete control over revisions before approval – meaning no unexpected delivery surprises! We will send you high resolution scans for review and our experienced customer service and digitizing teams will work with you to achieve your desired result. Information on all completed orders will be stored in your personal product catalogue to make repeat ordering easy.

There are a few options to consider when placing your embroidered badge order, such as border type and backing. This does impact the price slightly however the decision should ultimately come down to how the badge will be used and in some instances is dictated by the shape of the badge.

Not sure what you need? Why not request a free sample of our embroidered and cub scout badges? Our customer service team is available to discuss your requirements during working hours on 1300 755 659 (Mon-Fr 9-5:30 AEST)

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