- Supplier of embroidered badges, patches and epaulettes. How to Order

Placing a New Order:

Upload your design

Upload your artwork for the new badge or epaulette this can be in the form of JPEG, TIFF or EMB file. At this time you will answer a few online questions to ensure correct design interpretation.

Choose options

This is where you can ''build'' your item. You get to choose the base fabric colour, edge and backing options, as well as quantity.

Review quotation

Based on your new specifications we will present you with an instant quotation.

Place order

If you are satisfied with the quotation you can confirm your new order online and we will commence the set-up process.

Review & approve new design

Before we start production we will present you with high-resolution proofs. Once you have approved your new design we will deliver within 10 working days!

Placing a Repeat Order:

Search for product

Go to your personal product catalogue to view thumbnails of all previously ordered products. You can also search for these products based on design name or number.

Enter new quantity

Click on the product you wish to re-order to view a high-resolution scan along with specifications. If no changes are required you can enter a new order quantity and we will present you with an instant quote.

Review and approve quote

Based on this new quote you can either submit an order or save the quotation for later review. Once approved, the delivery for your new order will be within 10 working days.

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