Woven Epaulettes

Woven epaulettes are the perfect solution for you when you need the extra fine detail that embroidered epaulettes can't provide. MRBADGES.COM is proud to be one of the only Australian suppliers of woven epaulettes, which allow a higher resolution to the design.


Our woven epaulettes will allow you to show extra fine detail in your design that embroidered epaulettes can’t provide.

Epaulettes are a distinguishing part of uniforms throughout Australia and are worn with pride in organisations such as law enforcement, corrections facilities, security providers, ambulance service, fire departments, taxi companies, airlines, and many more! Epaulettes can communicate messages such as the company logo, the word ‘security’, or the individual’s rank or standing within the organisation.

MRBADGES.COM produces woven epaulettes using only the highest quality materials and workmanship. We have a range of size templates which will fit all epaulette compatible shirts. If you cannot find the particular specification you’re looking for we are more than happy to custom make a new design for you.

The ordering process could not be easier for placing an epaulette order. Simply scroll through our templates and find the size you need, choose an epaulette background colour, upload your artwork, add relevant comments, and submit! Our customer service team will review your requirements and get back to you within 24hours with a quotation.

Once an order is confirmed the MRBADGES.COM digitizing and sampling team will work on setting up your woven epaulette for review and approval. We’ll communicate any questions or issues with you to ensure the product is exactly as you wish. We will present you with a high-resolution scan of the product prior to production and always wait for your official approval.

When choosing between embroidered or woven products keep in mind that while you will get the extra fine detail with woven you will be missing out on the textured 3D effect that embroidery offers.

Information on all completed orders will be stored in your personal online product catalogue to make repeat ordering easy.

Our turnaround time for woven epaulettes is only 10 working days from sample approval (up to 2,000 pairs).

Not sure what you need? Why not request a free sample of our woven epaulettes? Our customer service team is available to discuss your requirements during working hours on 1300 755 659 (Mon-Fr 9-5:30 AEST)

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