Sew On Patches

Sew em on good and tight with sew on patches from MRBADGES.COM.

Were wholesale suppliers of sew on patches (and heat-seal patches) to retailers and organisations throughout Australia. From boy scouts and girl guides through to the armed forces and government officials, we cater to everybody who needs affordable, high-quality custom patche and badges.

We pride ourselves on our ability to reproduce your design accurately. To ensure youre getting the product you desire, we send out a high-resolution scan of your badge and you have complete control over the revisions before you give your approval for the sew on patches to be produced.

Once your order is placed, youll have your patches within ten working days. Wherever you are in Australia, well ensure you have the stock when you need it and not a day later.

The Quick & Easy Process

Sourcing sew on patches is super-easy with our online quote and order system. Simply tell us your requirements via the quote page and youll instantly receive a quote. Ordering scouts badges is just as simple you can do it all online and should you require any additional support, you can contact us via email at or call us on 1300 755 659.